The legal profession — tradition-bound and labor-heavy — is on the cusp of a transformation in which artificial-intelligence platforms dramatically affect how legal work gets done.

Those platforms will mine documents for evidence that will be useful in litigation, to review and create contracts, raise red flags within companies to identify potential fraud and other misconduct or do legal research and perform due diligence before corporate acquisitions.


The primary areas where AI is being applied in the law, so far, include the following broad categories:

  • review of documents for discoverable or otherwise relevant information, generally referred to as technology-assisted review (TAR).
  • legal research through automated searches of a universe of case law and statutes.
  • contract and legal document analysis.
  • proofreading, error correction, and document organization.

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The main benefits using AI in legal profession:

AI Saves Time

Computer systems can analyze more information, more thoroughly than humans can, in a tiny fraction of the time.

AI Allows Earlier (and more accurate) Risk Assessment

TAR tools, including predictive coding, can be used to review information in real time. This allows lawyers to identify potential risks earlier, advise clients wisely about their exposure, and head off legal problems before they even occur.

AI Produces Higher-Quality Work

With automatic document comparison and organization, attorneys can more quickly identify holes or gaps in their documents and even in their legal analyses. For example, contract analysis programs that have learned through repeated analysis can identify missing terms or definitions in known types of contracts.

AI Enhances Creative Analysis and Identification of Persuasive Precedents

With the time savings of automated review, research, and document quality control, AI frees up attorneys’ time and mental energy for higher-level work. This enhances creativity, allowing attorneys to add unique value and focus completely on the work that computers can’t do.

AI Reduces Attorney Stress and Frustration

Document review, proofreading, and legal research can be tedious, mind numbing work. While these tasks must be completed in the course of competent and ethical representation, no one said that attorneys had to do them! Allowing software to do at least the first round of “heavy lifting” reduces stress and boredom, minimizing the time that attorneys must spend on preliminary or low-level review.

AI Improves Client Relations

AI solutions allow attorneys, freed from the tedium and minutiae of low-level tasks, the time to engage in the more satisfying, creative, human-specific work of legal representation.

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